Springing into April!

I adore fall. And I love snow in the winter. But spring is pretty fantastic too. Everything turns green and you can air out the house and you can burn entire days at the park again. It’s great living in MA too, because we actually get a spring. In VA its all, cold cold cold… Continue reading Springing into April!


Bye March!

I have packed all the Easter decorations away. We had a surprise snow that came and went. Now the April showers have started. March is officially on its way out the door. I feel like we accomplished a lot this month? But it also went by so quickly that I can’t really remember. >_< Luckily… Continue reading Bye March!


Hello lovelies! Let’s try this blogging thing again eh? New year, new attempts at being organized, productive, and cool. >_< I think it comes as no surprise to anyone that I am a crazy procrastinator. I put off accomplishing things until the very last minute, or until someone forces me to accomplish them. For example,… Continue reading 2016