January Life Plans

Soooo I just turned 27. Officially in my late twenties. Before I know it I will be 30 and life will be over.


I don’t care about getting older, but it does mean that my birthday lists are getting longer and longer. And this year I went all crazy pants and made three lists. 28 times 3 turns out to be 84. Eighty. Four.

That’s quite a few goals. Luckily I tossed a few soft balls in there. So I can feel accomplished when I check them off.

84 divided by 12 is 7. So basically I have to accomplish seven goals a month to complete all of them. That’s not so bad…

So let me pick seven things to accomplish this month. Now that it’s already halfway over. >_<

1- Develop a Chore Schedule. Our house is three floors. It has four bedrooms, a playroom, three bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. Two children, two adults, two dogs, two cats, and a hedgehog live here. That’s a lot of space filled with a lot of dried play-doh, crumbs, and pet hair. My usual approach of frantically deep cleaning right before anyone visits isn’t sustainable and is filled with stress. Schedules. They fix everythinggggg.

2- Cancel Cable. That ish is SO expensive!

3- Buy a fire safe for important documents. I am ashamed to say I’m not 100% sure I know where our marriage certificate is. I need to collect all of the important documents. And then put them in a box that won’t go up in flames if our house does. This one is easy. There is no excuse for not accomplishing it this month. 

4- Start Rooney’s baby book and memory box. I need to have Taylor design a tag for her memory box, and I can start to fill out her book now. Milestones have already started. Like smiles!

5- Enroll Bear in preschool. I toured three, chose one, called to make sure he has a spot, and now I just have to mail in the check for our deposit. Preschool is so expensive!!! Another reason to cancel cable. 

6- Mail cards for birthdays and anniversaries. Taylor designed me personal stationary for me to send out for birthdays and new baby’s and thank yous and whatnot. I want to have a plan to make sure they get out to the people I love in a timely manner. 

7- Get new gutters. Taylor’s company gave them an awesome Christmas present. And we plan to use ours on a preschool deposit and new gutters. I just have to get someone out who isn’t going to charge us over 3000 dollars for them. (Seriously, Home Depot quoted me 3300 dollars. No. Just, no.) 

Bonus activity – Make a room by room todo list. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend! 






2 thoughts on “January Life Plans

  1. Very impressive and you have seven to boost you on your way! With schedules you will end accomplishing twice as much. Good luck, much love, Grandma

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  2. i love the new year to get going on projects!!
    Making lists is also a favorite – so you go girl and get some things crossed off!!

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