I somehow missed February

Hello March. You’re looking very springlike.

I missed picking seven things to do for February. Mostly because as a month February generally sucks. Motivation is at an all time low during it. Guess I’ll have to pick fourteen for this month. >_<

So here they are!

  1. Purge all the closets and drawers. It’s almost spring. And who doesn’t like organizing things during the spring time? I mean, I love organizing things year round, but when you can open the windows and pack away the sweaters it makes organizing more fun.
  2. Take a class. I weirdly want to learn calligraphy. Because that’s a skill that will come in handy.  But it’s so prettttttyyyyyyy.
  3. Get hair cut properly. My hair has gotten longer than it’s been since my wedding three and a half years ago. The last time I had it cut though it looked like some sort of weird helmet on my head. So I’m a little wary to get it cut again.
  4. Finish quilts. I might be cheating with this one, since I took the quilts to my mom for her to finish…
  5. Build shelves in basement and organize tupperware. This one may already be accomplished. And oh how glorious it is!
  6. Put up curtains in living room. I may also be cheating with this one since when I gave my mom the quilts to finish I also gave her the fabric for my curtains. She’s a real winner that mom of mine.
  7. Put in fence. Otto really really really hates the neighbors dog. In his defense, the dog is a sucky dog. But, it would be SUPER if I didn’t have to scope out the entire block for the dog before letting Otto out to pee. It would also make me worry less when the dog sitters are here.
  8. Organize shed/tool area. More spring cleaning!!! This one involves one of those dumpster bags that they come get with the awesome truck with the crane thingy. Bonus jonas!
  9. Redo nursery closet. The one random shelf that’s stupidly hanging out on the wall in that closet has to go. Proper shelves need to appear.
  10. Host an Easter egg hunt. Gonna have the huffystuffies over. Gonna make all the kids run around and find the chocolate hidden in shiny shiny eggs. Psyched about it!
  11. Name godparents for Rooney. And by name I mean formally ask. We asked Bear’s like four days before Rue was born. Maybe I won’t put it off that long this time.
  12. Make and print a will. Taylor’s job provides a will service for free. There’s really no excuse for putting it off.
  13. Put instax in an album. I have so many adorable photos on instax film. All of them just sitting in drawers. No more I tell you! People will be able to flip through the photos soon!
  14. Replace stairwell window. There is a lovely leaded glass window in our stairwell. Unfortunately it is falling apart. And stupid expensive to fix. So replace it we will. Sorry old house, you lose some charm.

So there we have it! A list to beat all lists. Watch me accomplish em!




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