January Review


Fun fact! I did actually meet my January goals!

Let’s review:

1- Develop a Chore Schedule. Boom! Done! Taylor made this adorable chore chart and every Sunday we deal out the chores for the week and then, gasp!, we do them! Well, granted we didn’t do them this week, but the weeks we commit to the chart are amazeballs!

2- Cancel Cable. Boom! Sorta done! I called to cancel and keep the interwebs. They told me it was financially the same to keep basic cable and oh btw you can have HBO for free too. So I went with that option. I am weak. But our bill is cheaper!

3- Buy a fire safe for important documents. While I have still not located my marriage certificate. I did buy a fire safe to put it in when it is located! And other important things have been put in it!

4- Start Rooney’s baby book and memory box. I started them both! Neither are anywhere near finished, but she’s also only 4 months old. Hard to fill in things like “first word” and whatnot.

5- Enroll Bear in preschool. DONE DONE DONE. My baby boy is going to preschool in September. Whyyyyyyyy?!!?

6- Mail cards for birthdays and anniversaries. I think I have hit almost all of the big birthday’s so far? There’s an anniversary coming up that might get a card late, since Taylor has yet to make me a set of anniversary cards.

7- Get new gutters. New gutters are on our lovely house. No more gutters almost falling off the house. And no more things growing in them. The gutter installation man gave me quite a lecture about the importance of having them cleaned once a year.

Hah! I am accomplished people!



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