Bye March!

I have packed all the Easter decorations away. We had a surprise snow that came and went. Now the April showers have started. March is officially on its way out the door. I feel like we accomplished a lot this month? But it also went by so quickly that I can’t really remember. >_<

Luckily I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish so I can easily see if we were productive or not.

And now that I’ve looked at it, we have not. Heh.

We did put up shelves in the basement, and I spent an entire weekend organizing and sorting through things. My parent’s had brought up a lot of my childhood things in nine hundred boxes, so I consolidated a LOT of that. I had the shelves looking awesome and the entire center of the basement cleared out. The shelves still look awesome, but somehow there are now nine million new things down there to sort and organize. So, I’m going to consider this a work in progress?

I joined skillshare, they were running a deal where it was .99 cents for three months of classes. Then I picked four classes I was interested in. And then I promptly moved on with my life. I’m going to do one of them though! I will attempt calligraphy if it kills me, and there’s also a papercut card one that seems cool and an arm knitting class I want to follow through on. Maybe I won’t waste that .99 cents after all.

I did not get my hair cut, or purge any of the closets, or replace the stairwell window, or put the instax in an album. Or redo shelves in the nursery or put up curtains.

We did host friends for Easter yesterday and have an Easter egg hunt. It was a gorgeous day and the kids had a blast and we drank an entire pitcher of champagne punch and basically it was the cutest. I hope we make it an annual thing.

Godparents were named.

The fence for the dogs will be put up this weekend though! All of the materials for it are parked in my driveway and come Sunday we will have a safe place for both kids and dogs to romp around. I cannot even begin to tell you how PSYCHED I am for that.

We also did clean out the garage and the tool portion of the basement. We bought, filled, and had an entire dumpster bag picked up over the course of three beautiful spring days. I love that we have working areas again so that I can demand all sorts of home projects from Taylor and so I can easily get to all of the outdoor toys.

Not too shabby. Some large things were accomplished. Even though not all of the goals were met, I still feel like I’m killing these life lists this year.





One thought on “Bye March!

  1. Nine hundred more boxes coming this weekend lol
    Dad is looking forward to the fence building
    See you in a couple of days YAY!!!!

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