25 Before 25

Here is 2013’s list of things to accomplish before I turn 25.

Move into a house
Plan one free date night a month
Commit to the ink
Make 12 different ice cream flavors
Compile important dates and addresses
Finish that damn scarf
Organize all of my digital pictures
Meal planning and grocery shopping
Get out of credit card debt
Take the dogs for a walk once a week
Spend all of the gift cards I have
Foster a rescue animal
Make bucketloads of teacup bracelets
Go to a VMFA exhibit
Develop a morning routine
Throw a party
Learn to make some cute origami shapes
Start a book club
Go for a train ride
Frame all of our prints
Refinish all of the secondhand furniture we have
Make marshmallows
Leave cute notes around town
Get preggerz


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