Springing into April!

I adore fall. And I love snow in the winter. But spring is pretty fantastic too. Everything turns green and you can air out the house and you can burn entire days at the park again. It’s great living in MA too, because we actually get a spring. In VA its all, cold cold cold oh hello 80 degree weather.

I’m not really sure how behind I am on hitting my goals and I can’t be bothered to figure it out right now, so I’m just going to pick 7 things from the lists to accomplish this month and call it a day.

1 – Go to the dentist and primary care doctor. I have both of these things scheduled for April 4th. My parents are going to be in town, so they can watch the rugrats while I’m out. Maybe I will also go get my hair cut that day!

2-Establish a monthly shopping list. We get paid once a month. It is surprising how much of a massive pain in the ass that is. While I have definitely gotten much better at managing our finances on one paycheck a month over the past two years, I wouldn’t say Taylor and I are particularly fantastic at budgeting. But! We’re going to fix that. And one way we’re going to do that is setting a list of things that we buy every month and figuring out how much that costs us so that we have a number to budget around.

3- Decorate dining room walls. I want to put up a ton of those silver platters that are always hanging around in goodwills. When we moved up here I was surprised and saddened by the lack of goodwills close by. In Richmond there’s like 7 of them within close driving distance. However, there’s a new one that just opened up nearby, and I am pretty excited to get a look inside of it.

4- Take a class. Yeah, yeah.

5- Teach Bear to swim. We have him signed up for swimming lessons starting this weekend. I hear the pool is freezing, and Bear hates water getting in his face. It should be interesting…

6- Renew passports. All of my passports have expired. And Rooney needs one. So maybe this month I’ll get all of that paperwork at least filled out and get photos taken.

7- Put up family photos. We are so lucky in that we have a family friend who takes glorious family photos of us every year. (We met him when he took our wedding photos.) So I have all of these awesome pictures just chilling in my dropbox. I want to print a bunch of them out and do a wall of photos in our bedroom. We have four awkwardly hung ones up, but I really want a whole ton of them in there.


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