Hello lovelies!

Let’s try this blogging thing again eh? New year, new attempts at being organized, productive, and cool. >_<

I think it comes as no surprise to anyone that I am a crazy procrastinator. I put off accomplishing things until the very last minute, or until someone forces me to accomplish them.

For example, as I type this I am sitting in my living room staring at the windows that I still haven’t made drapes for. We’ve been here for a year and a half, and I’ve had the fabric for the drapes for almost as long. Yet, no drapes. My mom even offered to help make them the last time she was up here and I couldn’t be bothered to get my ish together to make it happen.

Course, I had just had a baby.

But this year will be different! I’m going to get those drapes done! And a bajillion other things! All the exclamation points!

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions anymore. Mainly because as I get older my birthday lists get longer and longer. This year’s list is a 28 before 28 list. And I made three of them! There is no room for more goals.

You can check out the birthday lists, current and past, on the drop down list to the left. I would promise to keep you updated on how they go throughout the year, but lets face it, I’m probably going to forget to update this until next January.

So instead I’ll promise to think about keeping you updated and maybe follow through.



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